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You believe in your brand with every fabric of your being. But how do you reach your clients and bring them along for the ride? How do you convert the brand-agnostic into believers to capture more business?

That's where we come in.

Let's win together!

Mia Migdall

Chief of Ideas

Take 30 years of strategic marketing experience, add a no-nonsense approach to problem solving and a dynamic flair for orchestrating teams toward a common goal—and you’ve got Mia Migdall.

Drawing upon her traditional marketing background built at the Dial Corporation, Mia spent the past eleven years in heavy civil construction revitalizing brands and winning new business. Her passions include full-cycle pursuit management, purposeful branding, targeted client outreach, and harvesting the absolute best from teams through professional coaching. 

The owner of Fino Consulting, LLC, Mia provides capture leadership and innovative marketing guidance for clients on a project-by-project or long-term basis.


If your win strategy needs a jump start or you have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it—Mia should be your first call. 

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